5 years of pontos de vista
may 2007

guest author
Dariusz Klemens
Dariusz Klemens

The Great Indian Desert, in western Rajasthan, is a huge expanse of sand dunes, rocky outcrops and salt pans that extends for almost a half million square kilometers between India and Pakistan.

Known as the Thar Desert, it is one of the driest places on earth. Against the muted hues of this arid landscape, over the centuries, the people of the Thar developed a sophisticated language of colour. [>]

Dayle Ann Clavin, BE

This month winner is Dayle Ann Clavin, from Belgium, with a photo that profits green to highlight two other colours. Congratulations!

Thank you all for the participation. [>]

april 2007

Green, the color.

We associate it with affirmation, as in traffic lights, with nature, with the ecological movement, with military, with lack of experience or anger, and much other things or conditions.

Show us green things or others that represent it..

next theme
Reflection is an effect produced by reflected light.

Reflex is also an automatic and involuntary corporal reaction to a stimulaton.

It can be also a conditionated reflex due to a regular association to a stimulaton.

Give us examples of Reflections.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

individual exhibitions
Angelo Lucas
Angelo Lucas

At the end of 2006 Afghanistan is stil a pathless country, divided between fear from Taliban and hate for its occupants, whoever they are. Smashed by misery, corruption, violence and by its harsh nature, with a future beyond uncertainty, this forgotten land is, in the words of Ali, a Cabul's salesman - "the truthful end of the world". [>]

Stefan Rohner
Daily Life
Stefan Rohner


Sofia Quintas
Cellophane's Emotions
Sofia Quintas

Cellophane: noun [U] thin, quite stiff, transparent material used for covering goods, especially flowers and food

Emotions: n. 1 strong instinctive feelings such as love or fear. 2 emotional intensity or sensibility. [>]

This month pontos de vista celebrates its 5th aniversary. Congratulations to all that have participated and helped.

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