july 2007

guest author
Pedro Vilela
Dolls Hospital - Other world since 1830
Pedro Vilela

Created in 1830, the Dolls Hospital was initially an herbalist, whose responsible had enough free time and ability to repair damaged dolls. Currently, the establishment continues to sell tea of medicinal value and it's an hospital where dolls, images and old parts of porcelain are restored, also supplying some maternities with premature baby clothes. The shop allows the visitors, especially children, to know the dolls materials and clothes along the centuries. [>]

collective exhibition
Luís Rocha, Tânia Araújo
We'll return in Gravana
Tânia Araújo

"Friend...friend..." was the phrase which followed us daily along the two journeis we made in São Tomé island. In addition to this one, there were others like "White... white..." or "Sweet...sweet...give me sweet friend". These are marvellous children, bombarded by the tourists with sweets, money and other things, which drive them to beg when they find one.

The voyage was splendid by the apprenticeship we had. We leran to value every minute, the sounds, the plants, the sun, the night, the food we had, everything...

We found people still oppressed by the past, with lacks in alphabetism, with difficulties in integration, little undertaking. People lost in the ocean. With time, we learned that inside their disorganization, they are organized at their own way, which we are not used to. [...] [>]

Due to weak participation the competition of June was canceled.

We hope this month subject is more moving.

june 2007

Your face bent by the breeze; / the ferocious whiteness of your teeth; / your hands somehow irresponsible, / in any case somber, in any case transparent;
the cruel triumph of your legs / columns at rest when night falls; / your level breast, clear, made of water; / your quiet mouth where one longs
to sail or sing, or simply be / the color of a fruit, the weight of a flower; / the words pierced by joy and terror, / biting into solitude;
They are the great cause, the only cause.

next theme
Texture is, the aspect of a surface or either, the skin of a form, that allows to identify and distinguish it from other forms.

When we touch or look at an object or surface "we feel" if its skin smooth, rugous, soft, harsh or waved. Texture is, therefore, a visual or tactile sensation.

Show us photos of textures.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

individual exhibitions
Stefano Levi
The Miracle of Tilganga
Stefano Levi

A story about the effort of few passionate doctors and the impact of low cost cataract surgery in underdeveloped countries.

Nepal, 8th March 2007. After a strenuous journey from Frankfurt to Kathmandu, one stop-over in Bahrain and more than 16 hours of delay, we finally managed to collect our luggage and pass uncontrolled through customs. With us we carry two laptop-computers and other items that we collected for the Tilganga Eye Center. We are nervous to meet, for the first time, the people we had been emailing for so long. The organizers for the surgical eye camp we helped to sponsor with the support of Henkel. [...] [>]

Angelo Lucas
Deni from Amazon
Angelo Lucas

The Deni indians are a tribe from the heart of Amazon, that in 2003, and after years of more or less legal battles, obtained the ownership of their land formal recognized. With this recognition an important precedent was set for the safeguard of the "planet's lung". [>]

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