august 2007

guest author
Fernando Gabriel
the worn but happy light switch
Fernando Gabriel

"the worn but happy light switch"
the light switch is the same, dirty with fingeprints, still functions... biography of moments, not moments of biography.
this is my room where these registered moments stayed...they are not subjects is only a subject, this room and its light switch. light bulbs are changed.

"the light switch as we know it today, is nothing more than a device that, connected to an electric circuit, has the function not only to interfere with the circulation but also to distribute the energy as a work concept. Placed generally on a wall, it works from the modification of its commutation position." [>]

Helder António, Portugal
This month's winner photo is from Helder António, Portugal. Congratulations [>]

august 2007

Texture is, the aspect of a surface or either, the skin of a form, that allows to identify and distinguish it from other forms.

When we touch or look at an object or surface "we feel" if its skin smooth, rugous, soft, harsh or waved. Texture is, therefore, a visual or tactile sensation.

Show us photos of textures.

next theme
We eat for necessity, pleasure, or even for whim.
Gastronomy is a cultural characteristic and also a touristic attraction.
Almost everything is eaten.

Show us photos related with food.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

individual exhibitions
Joost De Raeymaeker
Joost De Raeymaeker

When you leave Luanda by bus heading for Benguela you leave the confusion, disorganization and the contrasts between the wealth of those in charge and the poverty of those who lives literally in the garbage, and enter real Africa.

The first 400 kilometers are done in good traveling conditions, but after Sumbe the wholed road starts and the rythm of the travel decreases drastically. After nine or ten hours of travel one arrives in Benguela, a city under reconstruction with hospitable population and a very different rhythm from the capital.

This series of photos document the bus trip, the "zungueiras" or roadside merchants and a little of Benguela's beautyness. [>]

Sofia Quintas
Sofia Quintas

Homage to Russel Meyers. [>]

5 years
pontos de vista

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] 10º Salão de Fotografia do Mar
Fórum da Maia

[>] Dia(s)positivos, N'Zinga M'Bandi
Galeria Vício das Letras, Santa Maria da Feira

[>] Crónicas Portuguesas, Georges Dussaud
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto


[>] Edit! Fotografia e Filme na Colecção Ellipse
Ellipse Foundation, Alcoitão
até 09-set
[>] The She Mouse Photo Event
Baiuka Bar, Monte Estoril
until sep-07
[>] Repórter Fotográfico 1873 - 1932, Joshua Benoliel
FNAC Coimbra
until sep-21
[>] Daniel Gustav Cramer
Vera Cortês - Agência de Arte
until sep-07

[>] Procurar Portugal 1994-2006, Candida Höffer, Hannah Collins & Rineke Dijkstra
Museu Municipal, Faro
until sep-30

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