october 2007

guest author
António Vieira
four seven eight
António Vieira
four seven eight is a secular point in a project started in 1998, a project that's life. The secular point is April 2007. Life is the one that my daughters give me [>]

Alex Magedler, Austria
This month the best photo is from Alex Magedler, Austria. Congratulations. Thanks everyone who submited. [>]

Results for October 2007

"In any adventure, What it matters is to leave, it is not to arrive" - Miguel Torga.

We travel for almost anything. Peregrinations, businesses, tourism, or to find itself.

Show us a trip.

subject for november contest
Faith is the same that belief or trust, generally for emotional matters; for some general or personal motive, for some specific reason or without any defined reason, or physical evidences.

One can have faith in a person as much as in an inanimate object, an ideology, a philosophical thought, a system, a set of rules, a belief, proposals or dogmas of a specific religion.

Show us moments of faith.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [>]

individual exhibitions
Sofia Quintas
Kaurs & Singhs - Princesses and Lions
Sofia Quintas

Sikhism was born in Punjab among Muslims and Hindus in the beginning of the XVI century. It all started with Guru Nanak Dev who fought the cast system and discrimination based on sex, faith or race. Nowadays Sikhism has 500 years and 23 million followers all over the world, being the 8th major organized form of religion.

Due to their turbans and long beards, Sikhs were discriminated outside India after September 11th, and some were killed by people who though they were Talibans. However, Sikhs are peaceful. [...] [>]

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Altas Luzes, Rita Carmo
Auditório de Espinho


[>] Fritz Meisnitzer
Galeria Municipal, Almada
[>] P, Soraya Vasconcelos
SOPRO Projecto de Arte Contemporânea, Rua das Fontaínhas, 40, Alcântara, Lisboa

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