january 2008

guest author
Natasha Gudermane
Natasha Gudermane
The serie presented here is a kind of farewell to my past, to my cold country where I lived all my life before moving to Paris and where I was so happy and so unhappy at the same time. [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Manuel Luís Cochofel
Manuel Luís Cochofel

This small work reflects about one of the most trivial gestures of present time (inexistent until few years ago) called 'zapping'. The act of changing a channel on TV with the simple press of a button, uncovers the interesting promiscuity of a countless number of emissions that have nothing in common. All transmit what they believe, the best they can, without noticing that 'by the side', other station can be bribing the viewer for a diametrical opposite field! The capacity to hop in this Kingdom of Specters from wave to wave, from state of mind to state of mind, at the rate of more than twenty per minute it's fascinating and places us really close to the divine gift of ubiquity! [...] [see exhibition]

Sofia Quintas
FATAL 2007
Sofia Quintas

Annual Festival of Lisbon Academic Theater. [see exhibition]

collective exhibition
Tânia Araújo, Luís Rocha
We'll return in Gravana*
Tânia Araújo

On January 9, 19h30, opens in "bairro.Arte Galeria" (Bairro Alto, Rua das Salgadeiras, nº 5 e 7, Lisboa) an exhibition titled "Voltaremos na Gravana" a photographic work made on Sao Tome Island, of Luís Rocha and Tânia Araújo.

The exhibition has 20 photos and is accompanied by a projection of a documentary film about the History of Coffee on Sao Tome Island, filmed on Roça Monte Café for the UNDP, United Nations Development Program, work of the same authors.

The intentation is to revert the sale of the photos to the ONG Médicos do Mundo in the scope of the program "Comunidade Apoia a Vida / Sensibilização para a Prevenção do VIH/SIDA", developed by this institution in Sao Tome.

The exhibition has the support of HP|Hewlett-Packard Portugal, Viragem Lab, Bairro Arte - Atelier/Galeria,  pontos de vista  and of Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica - MEF.

Presentation text for the journey diary to São Tomé:

"Friend...friend..." was the phrase which followed us daily along the two journeis we made in São Tomé island. In addition to this one, there were others like "White... white..." or "Sweet...sweet...give me sweet friend". These are marvellous children, bombarded by the tourists with sweets, money and other things, which drive them to beg when they find one. [...]
[see exhibition]

Erland Pillegaard, Dinamarca
The winning photo is from Erland Pillegaard, Denmark. Congratulations! [see exhibition]

Results for December 2007
Free Subject

december's subject is always Free Subject. Everything is accepted

subject for january contest

An object (from latin objetum), is the limited being, with a precise function, in which can be placed a verbal label, and that can be defined by the external relations with its environment.

Objects can be material beings, its popular meaning, or creations or concepts as ideias, or can belong to specific fields of knowledge such as computer science, philosophy and grammar.

Be creative and show us objects.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Night Order, João Leal
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
until 16 Mar


[>] As Três Primeiras Músicas, Paulo Pimenta
FNAC, Coimbra
until 30 Jan

[>] Still Nox, Manuela Marques
Caroline Pagès Gallery, Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, 12 – 1° Dto., Campo de Ourique, Lisboa
opens 17 Jan
[>] Voltaremos na Gravana, Tânia Araújo, Luís Rocha
bairro.Arte Galeria" (Bairro Alto, Rua das Salgadeiras, nº 5 e 7, Lisboa
opens 9 Jan

[>] Mondo Cane, Leila Méndez
FNAC, Algarve Shopping, Faro
until 23 Jan

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