february 2008

guest author
António Luís Campos
António Luís Campos
The street. People. Traffic. Chaos. Noise...
Walls. Self-analysis. Silence. Absence...

It’s between these realities, sometimes mixed up and blurred, that I search for something, that probably lives only in my soul. The shyness, the fear of photographing others have always been with me, since a time where silence was a strong communication tool with insects, birds and flowers, in more harmonious landscapes, where finding my interior peace was much easier. But curiosity, the challenge of capturing glimpses of human beauty were increasingly stronger...

Stares, expressions, faces, silhouettes and light – much or little, depending on the circumstances – seen by the eyes of someone that pass, stops and follows his way. Sometimes smiling. Calm. Confident. Or uneasy. Shy. Anxious. Even with fear, maybe. Passer-by in another’s world... [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Sofia Quintas
Sofia Quintas

BDSM stands for: B of Bondage; DS of Domination/Submission; SM of Sadomasochism. Their protagonists are Dominators (or Tops), those who control; and submissives (bottoms), those who submit themselves to the wills of others. There are also switchers that according to the stimulus of the partner can be Tops or bottoms. Other identities, with their own choices, and less visible in the BDSM scene, are Fetichists and CrossDressers.

The psychological domination is the base of BDSM that guides itself by the acronym SSC: Safe, Sane and Consensual. These are three conditions without which BDSM becomes violence. In BDSM everything is mutually consented, whether physic or psychological. A sexual stimulation is always present, although not all BDSM relations pass through sex. In the community a relation without BDSM practices is called vanilla. [...] [see exhibition]

Branislav Fabijanic, Croácia
The winning photo is from Branislav Fabijanic, Croatia. Congratulations! [see exhibition]

Results for January 2008

An object (from latin objetum), is the limited being, with a precise function, in which can be placed a verbal label, and that can be defined by the external relations with its environment.

Objects can be material beings, its popular meaning, or creations or concepts as ideias, or can belong to specific fields of knowledge such as computer science, philosophy and grammar.

subject for february contest

Profile, outline, projected shade, backlighting, limit of a body, darkness versus light, plain figure, absence of detail...

Sends us your photographs of silhouettes.

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Álbum, Daniel Blaufuks
Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães
until 6 Apr
[>] Territorialidade, Luís Palma
Galeria Presença, Porto
until 23 Feb


[>] Os Mundos do Acordeão, José Miguel Jacinto e Rúben Carvalho
Museu do Canteiro, Castelo Branco
until 24 Feb
[>] Marginal Figueira da Foz, Danilo Pavone
CAE, Figueira da Foz
until 2 Mar
[>] Projecto Memória Escura, Bernardo Simões Correia
Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa
until 29 Feb
[>] Stories from Bulgaria, Pepa Hristova
K Galeria, Lisboa
until 15 Mar

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