june 2008

guest author
Rodrigo Cabrita
Underwater Hockey
Rodrigo Cabrita

The idea come to light with an occasional visit to a blog. Underwater hockey? I have to photograph it...but how? I only know how to photograph outside water! Many had been the difficulties. I started with waterproof compact cameras. Results were not the best. Light, unclean water, etc. When I was ready to give up somebody knew somebody with a camera waterproof case and a 15mm lense, that I did'nt have. Together with a Mark II N and,,,voilá! After too much flippering, as all of them, here is the final result... [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Yves Rousselet
Into the North the Flandres
Yves Rousselet

For the light and not for the "Sun". For the heat also of course, of breweries with soft banks and foamy beers, the heat brought by voices of poet singers, Arno, Enrico, Adamo, Alain Souchon and the magnificent Jacques.

To the plain dune country, windy, sandy, with canoes, sea foam where the eyes get lost far away in the horizon line weighed with ships, with immense freighters, to...the evasion line...I like to go North.

I like to take this direction without guarantee of an "exotic ticket" but that assures, I am certain, the exile. I like to take this direction, in "contrary sense" of those of the great summer hollidays migrations, one direction, one destination that looks more like the implacable order of the exile of the plundering ones. Searching in the north some traces of the essential...to live...to survive... [see exhibition]

Luis Faustino
Luis Faustino 

A ballooning festival is always an event that captures the public's attention. Not only by the colours an dimensions of the elements involved, but also its uncommonness, everything gets in place to fire people's curiosity.

Contrarily to the idea of danger often associated with this activity, truth is that it is a very safe sport. Its safety rules are very demanding, both in technical aspects of the equipments, but also about the competence of the pilots and the mandatory observance of proper weather conditions. [see exhibition]

Octavio Hoyos, Mexico
The photo highlighted is from Octavio Hoyos, from Mexico. Congratulations! [see exhibition]

Results for May 2008
Urban Landscape

Places to live, aesthetic cities, architecture, coherence and visual organization, public spaces, streets, cities aspect, projects...

Show us photographs of Urban Landscapes.

subject for June contest

Summer is one of the four seasons of the year.

In this period, temperatures are high and days are longer. Generally, Summer is also the period of vacations.

Shows us photographs of Summer

Results will show on the next newsletter and be published on the site.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Terras do Sul, Emiliano Mancuso
FNAC GaiaShopping, Gaia
until 25 Jun

[>] Fotografias, Bernardo Sassetti e Carlos Romero
FNAC NorteShopping, Porto
until 2 Jul

[>] Memórias - Soldados de África 1961-1975
Biblioteca Municipal, Ovar
until 21 Jun

[>] Scars. Sarajevo, Simona Ghizzoni
FNAC Braga
until 2 Set

[>] Porto Interior, Inês d’Orey
FNAC Coimbra
until 25 Jun
[>] Interior/Exterior (Caminhos na aldeia), Luis Miranda
Café Cascata, Cacilhas, Almada
until 14 Jun

[>] Love Forbids Us To Love, Miguel Santos
Galeria Pente 10, Lisboa
until 27 Jun

[>] Secret Names, Inês Gonçalves
P4 Photography Gallery, Lisboa
until 28 Jun

Pedro Vilela
[>] Kosovo - Vidas Paralelas, Pedro Vilela
until 1 Jul

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