october 2008

guest author
Patrick Tombelle
Essay on an Israeli indentity
Patrick Tombelle

For almost 60 years, Israel has known an 'almost' continuous state of conflict. In spite of this, the Israeli society has developed and functions 'almost' normally. That's this country's daily reality.

In the international media's imagery, this reality is very often ignored in favour of a more spectacular representation of the conflicts that oppose Israel to the Palestinians or to the Arabic neighbours. But to reduce any society to what opposes it to another one cannot give an objective picture of its reality, nor of its opponent's for that matter.

It's, therefore, in order to strive towards objectivity that in April and May 2007 I have tried to photograph this Israeli's 'almost' reality. Here are some photographs from this essay. [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Rui Dias Monteiro
Sapateira Neighbourhood
Rui Dias Monteiro

The photographs presented, are part of a body of work about Sapateira Neighbourhood, done in 2007, for the magazine A23. [see exhibition]

Pedro Esteves, Portugal
The photo highlighted is from Pedro Esteves, Portugal. Congratulations! [see exhibition]

Results for September 2008

A window is an opening in an element of architectonic enclosure, as a wall. It makes possible ventilation and isolation of the interior.

By sending to the exterior, can be considered as a vision angle, because allows the entrance of elements as light and air, but also makes possible the extension of look.

Windows as borders, divisions between interior and exterior, me and others, to be at the window, observe through the window, hang out clothes at the window, indiscreet windows…

Show us photographs with all kind of windows.

subject for October contest

Insects are the existing group of animals more diversified in the planet, possess 800.000 described species - more than any other group of animals.

Insects can be found in almost all ecosystems in the planet, but only a small number of species adapted to ocean's life.

Shows us photographs of Insects.

See the rules to participate. [see rules]

[>] Workshop Prático de Fotografia de Natureza, José Romão (Mil Cores)
1 to 3 Nov

[>] Retalhos da vida de um fotógrafo, Filipe Silva
9 to 23 Oct

[>] Every Picture Tells a Story, Frans Lanting
26 Oct

[>] Estética Fotográfica, Mário Pires / Yron
7 Oct to 3 Dec

photo agenda
Suggestions in Portugal


[>] Scars. Sarajevo, Simona Ghizzoni
FNAC GaiaShopping, Gaia
until 15 Oct

[>] A Partir da Primavera Nocturna, Cláudia Bakker
Galeria Graça Brandão, Porto
until 31 Oct

[>] Peregrinos do Quotidiano, Virgílio Ferreira
Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto
until 2 Nov

[>] Porto de Leixões, Arquivo Histórico e Fotográfico da CM de Matosinhos
FNAC MarShopping, Matosinhos
16 Oct to 17 Dec


[>] fotonaturis - Festival Internacional de Fotografia da Natureza
20 Sep to 26 Oct

[>] Os Sentidos da Água, f2.8 Colectivo de Fotografia
CAE - Centro de Artes e Espectáculos, Figueira da Foz
4 Oct to 2 Nov

[>] Aquilo Sou Eu – Auto-Retratos de Artistas Contemporâneos
Fundação Carmona e Costa
until 31 Oct

[>] Numa Janela do Edifício Prestes Maia 911, Júlio Bittencourt
FNAC Chiado, Lisboa
10 Oct to 10 Dec

[>] Sobre Cinza, Anabela Loureiro
Museu da Cidade, Lisboa
until 2 Nov


[>] In The Neighborhood: Streets of New York, Etsuko Kimura
FNAC AlgarveShopping, Albufeira
until 22 Oct
[>] Mãos, Colectiva
Biblioteca Municipal José Saramago, Beja
until 19 Oct
[>] Gente de Cá, Augusto Caetano
Galeria de Arte, Capela de Sto. António, Ferreira do Alentejo
until 15 Oct

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