december 2008

guest author
Pedro Loureiro
Photographs 94-05
Pedro Loureiro

Pedro Loureiro's photographs are more than journalistic photographs. His images affiliate themselves in the line of significant photographers that use the camera as a writing substitute.
Thus, the photograph acquires documentary thickness and gains an expression so significant as text: we open a magazine or periodical and we find a full page with an image, without text ("O Independente", in the 90's or "Grande Reportagem"), and are carried to a scene of urban violence (a Portuguese armed emigrant, in his supermarket of Joanesburgo - "Joanesburgo #5"; the aggressiveness in full power, the militarist capacity of man, capable of defending himself, and at last, the unusual of somebody armed directing a space that we depend to survive in the great city); or the presence of a family, in Cap Verde ("Baía das Gatas" - the absence of the woman/mother is essential to the meaning of that universe); or a street in Macau, where a grandmother protects her grandson, with a hug (the nuclear Chinese family depends, absolutely, of grandparents: substitutes of parents during the first years of childhood) or to the daily dependent life of Pacheco Luiz, where the writer's irreverence is strengthened by the mimetic and accomplice posture of the employee who, perhaps, attends him.[...] Text: José Mçãs de Carvalho, 2006 [see exhibition]

individual exhibitions
Angelo Lucas
Ghost in The Shadow
Angelo Lucas

This book was born from a dazzlement. And from an hazard. In one unexpected visit to the extraordinary space of Convent of Carmo in Lisbon, the force that emanated from those proud ruins remembered me about others, that already for many, excessive times, had entered my eyes and soul.
Ruined houses, with and without people inside, buildings with soul, but no walls, wrecks spread in empty roads. Nature itself can assume dramatical contours, much or more shadier than those that the worse of men are capable to produce, sometimes only through emptiness, others through their own ashes.
Images so strong became impossible to forget, even because they carry in themselves memories of better times and things, souvenirs of life, that observe as ghosts among the shades and provoke us a constriction in the chest. We wait, perhaps in vain, that there are angels peeping...
Each one of these photos it's a story that was only waiting to be told. And thus was done, for those entitled to it. [...] [see exhibition]

Jorge Casais, Portugal
This month's highlighted photo is from Jorge Casais, Portugal. Congratulations.
[ver exposição]

Results November 2008

Dream is a set of images, of thoughts or of fancies that are present to the mind during sleep or even when we are awaked.

Show us photographs of dreams.

subject for December contest
Free Subject

December's subject is always Free Subject. Everything is accepted.

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photo agenda
Sugestions in Portugal


[>] De todas as formas e feitios, Jorge Molder
Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto
until Jan 31

[>] Prémio PhotoEspaña OjoDePez de Valores Humanos 2008
FNAC NorteShopping, Porto
opening Dec 4

[>] 1º Prémio de Fotografia ARGO
Auditório Municipal, Gondomar
until Dec 14


[>] Numa Janela do Edifício Prestes Maia 911, Júlio Bittencourt
FNAC Coimbra
opening Dec 18

[>] Sensações, Patrícia Pereira
CAE - Centro de Artes e Espectáculos, Figueira da Foz
opening Dez 6

[>] Gente da Casa - Monitorização de Uma Obra de Arquitectura, Luísa Ferreira
Lx Factory, Lisboa
until Dec 14

[>] Nature, Miguel Godinho
Kgaleria, Lisboa
until Dec 20

[>] Presença da Ausência, Rita Barros
Galeria Pente 10, Lisboa
until Jan 10


[>] Escamas 2, José Pedro Santa-Bárbara
Fórum Cultural , Alcochete
until Jan 4

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