Guardians of Time 2004
author: nelson d individual exhibition

Guardians of Time


I wanted to meet people. During some weekends I moved myself in a periphery whose ray did not exceed a night out of house.

It was the discovery of certain places as gateways of a time to where I moved backwards, happening to me then people of those that look at you with a sense of humanity and tableland of life, and serenity in the gestures that cause astonishment to exist.

They are, in their leisure, the guardians of places and memories of time, calm monuments to necessary and perennial humanism.

It's in this empathy, in the intimate explosion of a moment, that the eternity of faces is revealed, gained from being genuine and healthy.

Also thus the poetical reality of caught gestures becomes narrow by the placidity of conquest distance facing the camera.

Exhibition in FNAC ALMADA from 04-jul-2005 to 07-oct-2005

Text: Nelson D'Aires
Translation: Sofia Quintas