Tan Fanatics 10-07-2005
author: Sofia Quintas individual exhibition

Tan Fanatics


Paradise Beach, Costa de Caparica

Rain, shine or fog, there's a group of beach-goers in the Paradise Beach.

With bustle and devotion, they prepare their body and health to what come or may. Early risers of all ages profit from iodine, sun rays and suntan oils, to have a smut skin the entire year. Maroon by option. Not even the repairs of the piers dissuade them.

One can perceive by the skin tan who's new in this business and who's an expert. It takes hours of pose and exposure to have a perfect and regular shade.

This is (almost) an earthly paradise...if it wasn't the nearness of the bus terminal and the necessity to conquer each meter of sand and each rock of the pier.

Text and translation: Sofia Quintas