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Jeremy Webb

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I'm a freelance photographer and digital artist based in Norwich, England. As well as working commercially for local businesses and agencies in Norfolk, I teach part time for both Norfolk Adult Education and at Great Yarmouth College. I sell my work as limited edition digital prints using on-line gallery websites and by exhibition. My personal website at www.pixelsoup.biz is a drop-in gallery showing digital works, and I exhibit more traditional film-based projects at www.photolucid.com and www.zonezero.com.

In June 2001 I was awarded first prize in the digital section of the Kentmere Awards for my image 'The Witness' and my work was also shown at the Inside Space Gallery, London where I was a finalist in the London Photographic Awards (LPA.5) for a print "Come And Be My Baby". Recent exhibitions include the Pixxelpoint International Computer Art Festival in Nova Gorica in November 2002, and in April 2003, the DeLuxe Gallery in London. My work was also shown last year at the Zonezero 10th anniversary celebration exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City.

I also contribute regular articles and portfolios as a feature writer, supplying the UK Photographics website with regular features for over 2 years, and have had articles and portfolios published in consumer periodicals, UK-based journals Photo Art International and Spiked, and am a keen supporter of alternative and specialist web & print publications such as Still and The Surgery of Modern Warfare.

My work has been reviewed by Jon Tarrant in the British Journal of Photography (18/10/00) and published by Rotovision in their "Lighting" series of books. I'm currently working
for a variety of commercial clients and have been commissioned by AVA publishing to write a book on Visual Creativity for film and digital media.