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Ricardo Tavares

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I was born in S. João da Madeira and gave the first steps in photography in August 2003, when I decided to acquire a camera to regist the typical family moments and a little more than that.

Great part of my evolution and interest on photography blunted truly in the moment where I started to participate in photography web sites, and with knowledge exchanged with people from the field.

From experience in experience I passed for several phases. At a first moment I was interested by more natural environments, but since early that people had revealed to be a more challenging and motivating subject. I started to registar moments of peopel's daily life, but after some time, "the strange" side of reality gained greater relief, taking me then to try to catch less common situations.

At a second phase, influenced by the six years that I played theater, the search of new forms of representing reality took me to create staged situations. In this phase, the graphical treatment gained a prominent role, trying to confer a certain aesthetic matrix in the stylization of forms and environments.

Lately, conceptualism and painting had become source of inspiration in the creation of others (sur)realities.

Photography appears now as a big support to externalise part of my interior world, "My World of Nobody". ricardo@pi-studios.com