So close but so Far 1994 a 2000
author: José Gonçalves individual exhibition

So close but so Far

1994 a 2000

This Project started in 1994, when I was studying in AR.CO., and I kept it until today for pure amusement and for the pleasure that it gives me. Moreover the evolution that this means of transport had in the last years allows me to catch real changements.

This project's main ideia is the isolation between people. Every day we take the subway, by itself an isolated transport from the outside world, we travel in a dark tunnel that in 3 on 3 minutes has light; there, by one way or the other, we find faces known from every day, but most times nor we direct them a word; we are so close, but, yet, so far...

Text: Jose Gonçalves
Translation: Sofia Quintas