Fulfill a dream Jul 2003
author: João Varela individual exhibition

Fulfill a dream

Jul 2003

More than capturing the expession of the actor transmuted in the character he plays - and that shows through on photography with a plasticity that is utterly different than that of acting in itself - I wanted, with this work, to remember that we can and should fulfill our dreams, even if it's only some of them.

These pictures are from a dream of my friend J Grego who always felt he would like to act. It was his dream, but like most of us, he wouldn't have time to do it. Yet one day he did it. And the result was incredible.

We never have time. It's true, but I keep believing we can create time, even these days when this is a so rare and precious asset.

["A Vizinha do Lado" - final play from Florebela Oliveira acting course, July 2003, IPJ]

Text: João Varela
Translation: João Varela