Granny's House 30-06-2002
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In the office of grandpa?s carpentry there was always a very fine dust in the air that's why he coughed and sneezed all the time. I remember being under the orange tree and counting the sneezes just for fun. He never heard of human resources but he had a file for each employee and asked all of them for 2 photos instead of one. This was a mystery we solved when he left us. He had a huge personal album with a photo of each employee, like a family album. As I entered the office I noticed the spider webs in the big windows and the dust in the air. I don't know why but these two photos were left behind...they are his own photos. I guess he left them there as well as the manual so we won't forget him. Silly grandpa you're in the dust everywhere around here! Ok I?ll do two photos...